Compare Current Accounts in Kenya

Current accounts are used for everyday transactions such as depositing and withdrawal of money. You should compare the functionality of each account making sure you select one that matches your requirements such as:

    • Unlimited deposits and withdrawals
    • Bill payment through cheques, standing orders and direct debits
    • Cash withdrawals from cash machines
    • ATM card to enable you pay for goods and services
    • Free monthly statements
    • Interest on balances
    • Online and phone banking e.t.c
Provider /Account Name Account Balances Account Operating Fees Other Features
dtb logo
Access Account
  • Opening-Ksh1,000.00
  • No account maintenance fee
  • No below minimum balance fee
  • Ledger fee-KSh30.00 per transaction
  • ATM card-KSh200.00
  • Withdrawals-Ksh30.00 from DTB ATMs
  • Withdrawals-Ksh70 from Pesa Point ATMs
  • Withdrawals-Ksh200 from all other Bank ATMs
  • 0.25% cash handling fee-over Ksh1M
  • Cheque book as per tariff
  • Visa Debit card
  • Competitive interest rates for balances over KSh250,000.00
  • Interest credited monthly
  • Free monthly statements
  • Cheque book
chase bank logo
Plus Current Account
  • Opening-Ksh 2,500.00
  • Minimum Operating-NIL
  • Monthly Ledger Fees-Ksh 25.00 per debit entry; minimum Ksh 350.00
  • Cheque Book Available
  • Free Monthly Statements Free
  • 24 Hr Banking(E-Statements & Internet Banking)
  • Working Capital financing, Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds and Guarantees available
nbk logo
Personal Current Account
  • Opening-Ksh 5,000.00
  • Minimum Operating-NIL
  • Ledger Fees-Ksh 35.00; Minimum Ksh 400.00 per month
  • Auto Cash Withdrawal Fees-Ksh 30.00 per withdrawal
  • Unauthorized Overdraft Fee-Ksh 500.00 per month
  • Cheque Book per Leaf Kshs6.50
  • Can deposit money into your Account and Withdraw funds from it anytime using your personal Chequebook or Debit Card at the Bank.
  • Free Auto Cash Card
  • 24-hour Access to your money
  • Access to SIM-ple Banking
  • Free Salary Credit Advice via SIM-ple Banking
equity bank logo
Current Account
  • Affordable minimum account opening balance
  • No minimum operating balance
  • No ledger fees, maintenance fees and no monthly charges
  • ATM card on application
  • Cheque book facility available
  • Free monthly account statement
  • No cash deposit or cheque handling charges
  • Free internal standing orders
Provider /Account Name Account Balances Account Operating Fees Other Features
boa bank logo
Personal Current Account
  • Opening-Ksh 5,000.00
  • No minimum operating balance
  • Ledger fees-Ksh 20.00 per item; minimum Ksh 300.00
  • No over the counter charges when withdrawing using a cheque book
  • SESAME ATM card issued on application
  • Unlimited withdrawals
  • Free monthly statement
  • Can be opened for both local and foreign currencies
  • Convenient and flexible for both personal transactions and receiving salary.
family bank logo
Prime Faida Personal Current Account
  • Opening and minimum balance of Ksh 10,000.00
  • No ledger fees
  • Ksh 100.00 standing fee
  • Ksh 35.00 per withdrawal at Pesa Point ATMs
  • Ksh 150.00 per withdrawal at any other Visa ATMs
  • Facilitates a savings plan through a Cash, Cheque, Standing Order or Check-off from your employer.
  • Cheque book facility available
  • Free Visa Debit card
  • Unlimited deposits and withdrawals over the counter
  • Free quarterly statements
  • Joint account option
  • 2.5%p.a. interest calculated on daily cleared balance and credited monthly
imperial bank logo
Current Account
  • Opening-Ksh 10,000.00
  • No minimum balance
  • Ledger Fees-Ksh 30 per transaction.
  • Minimum charge per month is Ksh 600.00.
  • ATM charges:

    -IBL = Kshs 20.00,
    -Kenswitch = Kshs 35.00,
    -Pesa Point= Kshs 75.00,
    -Visa = Kshs 150.00

  • Personalized Cheque Book
  • Free VISA Electronic Debit / ATM Card

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NOTE: The products info on this page does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure itís the right product for your specific financial situation and remember, we don't as a general policy, investigate the financial soundness of companies listed here. The rates and products displayed within these tables are updated on a regular basis however due to the dynamic nature of the market some product details and rates may be out of date. We therefore do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information supplied within the table although we will always make our best effort to ensure that the information provided is as accurate as possible. You should always check rates and terms with the product provider.